The wise men gave gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  God gave the Christ child.  And whoever owned that barn the family was stayin’ in gave that.

But don’t forget the song about that boy who could give nothing but the sound of his drum, so that’s what he gave. A rum puh pum pum.

And those shepherds abiding in the fields?  All they did was show up and give their company.

Even though you may think what you do for those around you is insignificant, it still means a lot.  And it never hurts to give a little more.

So, this Christmas, and all year round, give of yourself.  Don’t be afraid; do be loving.  And please know, that whether it’s stated or not, the gifts and sacrifices, the kind words and kind deeds, and the general goodness that you bring to those around you all goes a long way toward creating a lot of cheer, both for them and for you.

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