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Coming Soon: A Real Quasi-Legitimate Business! AKA Why we desperately need money before the end of 2015!

Coming Soon:  Kilts, Cameras, Comedy Shows: Our Dreams for the Future!

You may be asking yourself, what exactly does Scottish Pep Talks need to pay for to continue to provide inspirational and hilarious messages in a Scottish accent as well as other necessary items and services?

What This Pays For!

Web Hosting
We have to pay for servers and stuff so we can put up Scottish Pep Talks.
Domain Registration
We have to pay for a name so we can link you to Scottish Pep Talks.
PO Box Rental
We have to comply with federal regulations regarding mailing addresses when sending out mass emails about Scottish Pep Talks.
Business Cards
We have to have something to give to people in the physical world so that they know where they can go when they are in need of Scottish Pep Talks.

Graphic Designers

We have to have cool logos and stuff for you to look at to make you think of Scottish Pep Talks.

A word Our Graphic Designer:  Adrienne Neiss was an epigeneticist working in biotech (epigenetics is a science dealing with the folding and structure of DNA, as opposed to than its composition).  Her first paid art jobs were designing the Scottish Pep Talks logo, the Scottish Pep Talks business cards, and the cover art for the Scottish Pep Talks Presents Christmas from the Public Domain holiday album.  She went back to school to study graphic design.  Live your dreams, Age!  Live your dreams!

Music Producers
We have to have professional help to get our music organized.
Jeralee Johnson, the music producer for the Scottish Pep Talks Presents Christmas from the Public Domain holiday album attended to such duties as procuring musical arrangements, ordering kazoos, recruiting chorus members who would agree to work for donuts, buying donuts, recording the music and delivering it to Jon Sue-Ho for editing, and laying down some classy piano and even classier jingle bells.

Note: Our Graphic Designer and Music Producer, unlike our host, actually got paid, albeit only a wee amount  (and heaven knows they deserved more!)

Music Distribution
So we can make cds and on sell iTunes, Google, and Amazon as well as stream on YouTube and Spotify (among a host of other online stores and streameries) Christmas Albums featuring Scottish Pep Talks.  It costs hundreds of dollars to sign up to have your music be sold and streamed and even more to make physical CDs, and we are very, very, very far from recouping that.
Scottish Short Bread shaped like Sheep and Scottie Dogs imported from Scotland
So that if you ever visit us in Boston, you’ll have something purely awesome and purely Scottish to nibble on.  It’s like an edible Scottish Pep Talk!
And we have much, much bigger dreams for Scottish Pep Talks!