Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is this website?

A: Scottish Pep Talks features recordings of inspirational and hilarious messages delivered in a Scottish accent.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: The purpose and mission of Scottish Pep Talks is to promote the virtues of personal change, hope, laughter, and Scottishness, and to use them to increase people’s happiness.


Q: What do you want people to do with this site?

A: Most directly, we’d like you to subscribe to the email list to receive weekly Monday Morning Scottish Pep Talks, with Jon Sue-Ho, and other Scottish Pep Talk related messages, and to let other people know that they can do the same.  Please use it to bring more joy, encouragement, and/or Scottishness into your own life and the lives of others.


Q: Who writes these quotes?

A: If a quote is attributed to a specific person, then they wrote it.  If it isn’t, then with few exceptions, it was written by Jon Sue-Ho.


Q: How did you get the site to look the way it does?

A: We use WordPress with the Tartans Theme, which was originally “hand coded in Scotland,” though we’ve made a number of modifications and tweaks to it for our own purposes.

Our share buttons come from the WordPress plugin Simple Follow Me Social Buttons.

The artist for our Scottish Smiley logo is Adrianne Neiss.  If you’d like to hire her to do some art, please inquire about doing so using our contact page.


Q: What kind of Scottish accent is this (or at least what kind is it trying to be)?

A: The accent usually employed most closely resembles an Edinburgh accent.  Although on occasion, we have been known to wax Glaswegian.


Q: Who is Jon Sue-Ho?

A: Jon Sue-Ho is a technical support advisor, comedy writer, stand up artist, actor, director, and professional composer/performer of pep talks, both Scottish and otherwise.  Samples of his stand up and his dramatic writing can be found here and here.  He holds BS degrees in theater arts and mechanical engineering and resides in the greater Boston area.  If you’d like to hire him to write or perform, please make an inquiry using our contact page.


Q: Is Jon Sue-Ho Scottish?

A: Jon Sue-Ho, as you may have guessed, is an American.  However, the extended Sue-Ho family pertains to clan Morrison.


Q: Is there anything else we should know?

A: You should definitely read the terms of use and privacy policy.  Also, please know that we genuinely want you to be happy, and, no matter your what life may bring, we believe you can be.