Today is Saint Andrews Day!

Saint Andrew, brother of Saint Peter, was a simple fisherman, who became one of the original apostles of Christ.  He is patron Saint of Scotland, Russia, Scotland, Greece, Scotland, Ukraine, Scotland, Barbados, Scotland, Manila the Capital of the Philippines, Scotland, the now defunct German nation of Prussia, Scotland, maidens, Scotland, old maids, Scotland, singers, Scotland, sore throats, Scotland, and people who sell fish.  Also, Scotland.

And on his day, we celebrate not only the pride we have in ourselves and what we hold dear, but our brotherhood with our fellow men and women the world over, because whether you’re Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Barbadian, Filipino, German, a young woman, an old woman, or someone who has ever sung a song, had an itchy throat, or either sold or bought a fish, or just a human being in general, you are utterly amazing.

And today, you are Scottish!